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Welcome to Liverpool City Region

Everyone in Liverpool is looking forward to welcoming you here. Our hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, galleries, parks, beaches and everywhere in between are ready and waiting. It’s time to start planning adventures again.

See you soon!


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Liverpool Highlights

  1. River of Light - Every year Liverpool's waterfront plays host to a collection of light artworks. The artworks are from local, national and international artists.
  2. Autumn in Liverpool is always beautiful! There are plenty of ways to enjoy everything we love about the change of seasons so grab your coat and wooly hat and explore Liverpool this Autumn. 

    20 Sep 2021
  3. The River of Light Trail will open on Liverpool Waterfront on 22 October to 7 November 2021. The 2KM trail loop will feature 12 large scale light and sound artworks from local, national and international artists. 

    12 Oct 2021

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